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Tackling Holiday Stress with Cannabis

As fun and care-free as the holiday season can be, it can also bring about a lot of stress. Whether it’s tough financially, emotionally, or even physically, a lot of us struggle through this festive time of year. Thankfully, we’ve found that cannabis is a wonderful way to naturally relieve some of these pressing stressors.

While the beautiful cannabis plant cannot make your family get along or cook Christmas dinner for you, it sure can help make all of these things feel much more manageable. Today, we’re talking about how you can help tackle holiday stress through cannabis.

Combating Holiday Stress with Cannabis

Let’s face it, the holidays are stressful. Feeling under pressure or overwhelmed during a time like this is perfectly normal, but it can also easily be avoided. If you live somewhere that cannabis is legalized, whether it be recreational or medicinal, turning to marijuana or some form of cannabis product may be a wonderful way to help you tackle this sudden stress with ease.

Of course, it is important to remember that the medical evidence behind cannabis and its cannabinoids is premature and we cannot draw any definitive claims when it comes to connecting cannabis to stress relief. However, there are some obvious benefits that cannot be ignored.

In general, when the body undergoes stress or experiences stressful situations, it reacts by producing a hormone called cortisol. While certain levels of this hormone are 100% normal, too much cortisol can drastically throw off our body’s homeostasis, causing other internal factors to be thrown off-kilter, too. This is why when we feel extra stressed out everything seems to go wrong: we can’t eat, we can’t sleep, and we feel pretty unbalanced. Once these levels have been distributed, too, it can be difficult to realign yourself on your own. That’s where cannabis comes in.

The cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant work directly with our body’s endocannabinoid system, essentially filling the gaps in places that need it. If your body is overly stressed out by the holidays, cannabis’ cannabinoids will recognize that, getting to work at naturally lowering these cortisol levels. Cannabinoids like CBD will work directly with these cortisol receptors, controlling when and if they need to be produced/absorbed. This is why many people report feeling calm and de-stressed with CBD.

While cannabis cannot completely rid your body of stress, it helps to naturally regulate it. A little bit of stress is perfectly normal, but when it overwhelms your life, it can be harmful in more ways than one. Cannabis is that extra boost of support you need, helping you to not overreact or stress out if it isn’t absolutely necessary. During a time like the holidays, having this sort of balance can be transformative for your mindset (and your social plans).

Cannabis and Motivation, Mood Boosts

Tackling stress is one thing, but actually finding the motivation to deal with these chaotic times isn’t easy, either. If you find yourself struggling to feel positive during these cold winter months, cannabis products may be wonderful for helping you experience even just a little bit of a break.

Various cannabis products are crafted specifically to help boost mood or enhance motivation. Cannabinoids have been known to combat stressful or even irrational thoughts, leaving more room for positive, rational ideas. The more balanced you feel internally, the easier it is going to be to feel better on the outside, too.

If you haven’t noticed, cannabis acts holistically in that way. While it is working to help lower your stress levels, it is also working to help boost serotonin levels, supporting healthier thoughts and reactions. With this, you’re able to feel better emotionally, and, thus, you’re much more motivated physically. During the holidays, having this sort of drive can feel almost impossible, but why? It’s only a little celebration! (And cannabis helps you realize that.)

Like we stressed at the beginning, cannabis cannot cure you of your seasonal depression or totally rid your body of stress. However, it can act as a wonderful boost. Sometimes, you just need that extra push in the right direction to get your mind and body where you want it to be; cannabis has the ability to let that happen by working directly with almost all of your most important biological functions.

Whatever Works For You

When it comes to experiencing this stress relief and motivation, it is different for everybody. Some consumers may find that they need strong doses of THC and CBD to get them feeling the way they want, while others may rely solely on low doses of CBD to feel their best. Just like everybody is different, so is the way that our bodies react to cannabinoids.

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list, nervous about your family coming together, or just feel the weight of these holidays on your shoulders, don’t worry. It might feel tough now, but it’s nothing that you and a few puffs of cannabis cannot handle.

Take the time to discover which cannabis products work best for you and which ones produce the results you’re looking for. From a calmed mind to relaxed muscles and everything in between, cannabis has the ability to help you with it all.

Finding Your Simple Escape

This holiday season, it’s up to you to find your simple escape. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or anything of the like, try seeing what cannabis can do for you. As an all-natural plant that works beautifully with the inner functions of our body, a few puffs from a vape might be just what you need to get your mind back on track.

Let cannabis be your simple escape from all the craziness these festive holidays bring. A wonderful way to compress and truly appreciate what’s going on around you, weed can truly make these holidays just a little bit brighter (and a lot more stress-free).

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