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Best Holiday Gifts for Cannabis Connoisseurs and Newbies Alike

It’s that time of the year again! If you’re struggling to find presents for those in your life who are 420-friendly, this is the year to get creative with your gifts. Instead of buying a regular ol’ gram of flower or a CBD tincture, Luna Cultivation is here to help you come up with some of the best holiday gift ideas for both cannabis connoisseurs and newbies alike.

From aromatherapy candles to special rigs and even CBD-infused hand sanitizer, our list of cannabis-friendly gifts is sure to excite.

A wonderful stocking stuffer for all your cannabis-loving friends is the Four-Twenty Candle. This candle encompasses the subtle yet calming aromas that the cannabis plant brings mixed with the therapeutic scent of bergamot. Together, this candle can make any house feel like a home (especially if your home usually smells a bit like weed).

Thankfully, this candle isn’t overwhelmingly pungent and won’t cause questions. When lit, only the most experienced smokers will be able to pick up on the subtle hemp notes this candle produces. Instead, it’ll smell just like an herbal dream to any outsider. But, for cannabis experts and newbies, this candle makes for a delicate yet thoughtful gift this holiday season.

If you’re able to splurge a little bit this Christmas, a Puffco Peak makes for the ultimate gift. With how popular concentrates are nowadays, almost everybody is dabbing one way or another. The Puffco Peak makes dabbing so much easier with its totally digital functionality. With a Puffco, there are no more tricky torches or too-cool dabs; instead, your puff is perfect every time.

For all those shatter, crumble, and wax lovers out there, this is easily one of the best gifts you could give this holiday season. Again, this guy is one of the priciest gifts on our list, but we all know that special someone who deserves a rig as incredible as this one. If you have the money, a Puffco Peak is the perfect cannabis-related present.

CBD Bath Bombs

We all need to relax in some way or another, and CBD bath bombs are sure to do the trick. Bath bombs, in general, are designed to break down and dissolve into your bathwater, emitting relaxing scents and fun colors as you soak. CBD bath bombs, however, do so much more. CBD is known for its topical application, acting wonderfully when applied directly to the skin.

As you soak in a bath with a CBD bath bomb, your skin can absorb the benefits of the cannabidiol you’re sitting in. From softer skin to hydration and even anti-inflammatory effects, these bath bombs are the ultimate way to relax after a long, hard day. For cannabis connoisseurs and newbies, or even someone who has never tried cannabis, CBD bath bombs make for an amazing holiday gift.

For your more feminine, fancy smoking friends, check out what My Bud Vase has to offer. This site offers a wide selection of gorgeous, vase-like bongs that look just like a high-end centerpiece or coffee table decoration. With these bongs, you can leave them out and proudly displayed; no one will even notice that it’s a bong until you look hard enough.

Available in so many different, beautiful styles and themes, there’s something for every smoker on your holiday gift guide. Place some fake flowers in your Bud Vase when you’re not using it (and when there’s no water in it, of course) and let your loved ones relish in the beauty of these one-of-a-kind bongs. You just might have to buy yourself one, too.

Vape and Cartridge Combo

Both experienced and new cannabis consumers would appreciate a high-quality vape pen and cartridge combo. Vape pens are quickly becoming one of the most popular methods of cannabis consumption on the market. With so many different types of cartridges to choose from and the perfect strain for every smoker, you can find a vape pen and cartridge combo that’s ideal for gifting.

Hide one or two of these combinations in your friend smoking buddy’s stocking and watch their face light up at the sight of their new vape pen. Affordable, easy to find, and even easier to smoke, these are ideal gifts for all kinds of cannabis consumers.

CBD Hand Sanitizer

Right now, we can never be too safe. That’s why many CBD brands have branched out into crafting CBD-infused hand sanitizers and air fresheners. These products are made out of all-natural ingredients, truly embracing the organic side of the health and wellness world. For any of your cannabis-friendly loved ones, CBD hand sanitizers make perfect stocking stuffers--especially during a time like this.

When you add CBD to your hand sanitizer, you’re able to enjoy the benefits of CBD alongside the protection of certain alcohols. Most notably, whoever you’re gifting these infused hand sanitizers to can expect an extra dose of softness and hydration on their clean hands.

Pre-Roll Pack

Green Wednesday and Black Friday sales in 2020 showed that pre-roll packs were some of the most sought-after flower products of the year. With packs of two up to eight, you can give a whole carton of pre-rolled joints to your 420-loving companion. Where you live will depend on what’s available at your local dispensary, but this is one gift that’s worth inquiring about. Trust us, whoever gets a pre-roll pack for the holidays will be one happy camper.

...And So Much More!

With how popular cannabis is getting, the market is flooded with incredible gifts for all the experienced and new cannabis consumers in your life. Show these 420-lovers that you care and buy a gift that reflects that!

This year, holiday gift-giving has never been so fun. Treat the loved ones in your life (and maybe treat yourself, too) during this festive season and purchase a cannabis gift that they’ll never forget. Or, at the very least, that they can smoke on for a while.

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