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Your Team

Who We Are

Dañiel Luna-Fuller

Founder & CEO

Dañiel Luna-Fuller is the owner of Luna Cultivation. She is retired from the United States Army where she was a construction engineer for 17 years . ​She has always loved doing design work and helping customers find solutions. She had worked with all levels of the supply chain prior to starting Luna Cultivation.



Simona Koleva

Project/Sales Manager

Simona is the newest addition to our lighting family. She has 10 + years of experience in customer service, marketing and management. She has worked closely with various sized operations of cannabis cultivation for 4+ years. She is an avid garden enthusiast with her own LED lit greenhouse. Simona Is a tech nerd, taking her personal hobbies into her professional career.


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Jonas Sanchez

Lead Facility Designer

Jonas Sanchez is an asset to Luna Cultivation. He is Mechanical Engineer with over 5 years of experience in the area. He has been focusing on the area of horticulture lighting for more than 3 years. He has a thirst for knowledge and tries to ensure he stays on top of the latest technology and trends in the industry. 


Eryn Bradburn

Social Media Manager

Eryn brings 5+ years of experience in Customer Service and 1 year of experience in social media management. Eryn loves using her creative mind to help small businesses progress. She truly inspires to not only help businesses but to help the CEOs continue to focus on their passions rather than the small things. One quote that motivates her is “There is a solution to every problem"

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Mell Green

Influencer / Writer

Mell is a full-time writer and advocate who has provided content to some of the world’s leading cannabis publications. While there is still much work to do, she plans to continue fighting the good fight until full cannabis legalization is achieved. 


Matthew Sheahan

Graphic Designer

Matt helps companies present stunning graphics & illustrations to communicate brand messaging, engage new clients, & make waves that ripple through various markets. All made possible with a mission to deeply understand company-customer relationships and directly involve stakeholders in the collaboration of brand materials, marketing graphics, and merchandising design.

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