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Common Myths About Cannabis Cultivation

With how many centuries people have been cultivating cannabis, so many strange myths have arisen over the years, each one claiming to aid in your cannabis cultivation in one way or another. To help save you some time and money, we’ve listed five of the most common cannabis cultivation myths, breaking them down and shedding light on the truth behind it all.

So, if you think growing your weed with Christmas lights sounds like an unrealistic technique, you’re definitely right.

Myth #1: Christmas Lights

Long story short, no, you cannot grow your cannabis using Christmas lights. Even though it would be quite festive and sure fun to look at, Christmas lights, in any shape or form, are not suitable to help grow cannabis.

The cannabis plant is such a complicated, complex one. Because of this, even trying to grow cannabis straight from the ground often won’t produce the result you’re looking for. To cultivate potent, healthy plants, you’re going to need a proper lighting system. Lights with high wattages that produce various colors on the color spectrum are crucial for your plants, and this helps them get the nutrients they need. Christmas lights, however, are not designed for this kind of use in any way.

If you’re hoping to set up a clever lighting system for your plants, skip the Christmas lights. These types of lights are only going to harm your plants, leaving them without the proper nutrients they deserve. Instead, set up some LEDs or HIDs! We know, they’re not nearly as pretty, but at least you’ll get some healthy weed.

Myth #2: Cannabis Smoke and Plant Growth

This is a myth we’ve come across a lot during our years of cannabis cultivation. For some reason, the rumor was started that blowing cannabis smoke at your pot plants will actually help stimulate growth and potency. While this sounds cool, there is no evidence proving that doing this helps the plants.

In general, cannabis plants need to breathe. When they breathe, they must have clean, uninterrupted airflow to give them what they require. Blowing smoke at them, then, is only going to be interrupting this healthy airflow. Not to mention, depending on how you’re smoking your cannabis, you could be blowing unhealthy toxins directly at your growing plants. This will not, and cannot, benefit them in any way.

You should think about your plants as the living creatures that they are. For any living being, blowing smoke will only cause inconvenience, and it’s the same for your cannabis. You should avoid smoking around your plants in general, as this helps to ensure the clean flow of air we discussed earlier.

Myth #3: Urination and Cultivation

We can’t believe we actually have to say this, but do not urinate on your cannabis plants. Again, this is one of those myths where we have no clue where it came from, but it’s one we wish would go away.

While peeing on your jellyfish sting may help counteract the venom, doing this for your plants will have no positive effect. In fact, it can often be the opposite: the salt contents within your urine can be detrimental for your plants. There is a very high possibility that this can kill your plants entirely, especially depending on your diet. If you’re dead-set on watering your plants with urine, it has to be diluted. (But, why not just use water?)

No matter who you heard this one from, it’s not true. Avoid using urine on your plants completely, otherwise, your plants are sure to struggle. Don’t torture them!

Myth #4: Nutrients, Nutrients, and More Nutrients

Nutrients, of course, are crucial for your cannabis plants’ growth. Without them, your plants will not be able to grow, flourish, and flower the way you want them to, especially if you wish them to be potent. However, that doesn’t mean that giving them nutrients after nutrients are healthy. This can result in nutrient burn and frequently ruin a yield.

Just as overeating makes you feel uncomfortable, over-nourishing your plants will do the same. Having too many nutrients at once will overwhelm your cannabis plant, causing them to grow, act, and react in unhealthy ways. The idea that more nutrients create bigger, more powerful plants is simply untrue.

When cultivating cannabis, you must find that delicate balance between supporting your plants with water and nutrients (not urine), and allowing them to grow and flourish on their own. After all, plants are self-sustaining creatures and will do what they can to get what they need. Don’t try to give your plants too much, or they’ll simply succumb to all the overwhelming additives.

Myth #5: Adding Water and… Juice?

The last common myth about cannabis cultivation that we’ll talk about today is adding juices to your cannabis plants. Some farmers claim that adding juice to your plants can help enhance the flavors once they’re grown. This isn’t true whatsoever! Cannabis gets its flavors and aromas from the terpenes it contains, not what it has been grown with. Adding these types of substances to your plants will only harm them, and definitely not affect the way they taste after flowering.

No matter if it’s apple juice, orange juice, or even sugar water, your cannabis plants will not benefit from adding drinks such as these. The only thing you should be watering your plants with is water, regardless of what you’ve heard.

Growing Your Cannabis the Right Way

At the end of the day, it’s no secret that growing cannabis is a bit tricky. At the very least, it is a bit tougher than growing some carrots in your backyard. However, don’t try to cut corners with strange myths you heard from a friend-of-a-friend. Instead, stick to the basics and trust the experts.

Us growers here at Luna Cultivation know firsthand how cool it would be to grow with Christmas lights or add some juice for flavor, but these “tricks” are simply myths. Next time you’re hoping to grow some cannabis, double-check your facts, listen to the experts, and listen to your gut: if you think it’s too good to be true, it probably is.

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