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4/20: Happy National Cannabis Day!

4/20: Happy National Cannabis Day!

As we make our way into April, one day is on the minds of cannabis consumers everywhere: 4/20. April 20th is considered National Cannabis Day here in the US. And, while you won’t find it on a calendar, it sure is treated as a national holiday by many.

Today, Luna Cultivation is taking a quick look into this cannabis-centered holiday and everything you should know about it. From what to expect and how to celebrate, let’s talk about all things 4/20.

Why April 20th?

First things first, why do we choose to celebrate National Cannabis Day on April 20th? The actual origin of this date and number has been debated for years, with some people believing it derives from a police code pertaining to cannabis and others thinking it has something to do with Hitler’s birthday. Wrong and wrong.

From what we can tell, the origin of the number “420” and its association with cannabis goes back to 1971 in Marin Country, California. Supposedly, a group of teenagers would meet strictly at 4:20 p.m., long enough after class, to have cannabis on their high school campus. This became a ritual for the boys, always designating 4:20 to be their smoking time.

Later, one of the boys ended up getting work with The Grateful Dead, a famous rock band, as a roadie. During this time, the idea of 4:20 spread rapidly, first within the band and then more. As the band gained notoriety, the members began using this nomenclature on stage, during their shows, and even on flyers.

Eventually, a Deadhead flyer depicting 4:20 as the designated time to enjoy cannabis reached the hands of a reporter for High Times magazine. The reporter, Steve Bloom, ended up printing a copy of the flyer and placing it in an issue in 1991. From that moment on, the magazine continued to refer to this number as the time to enjoy cannabis, all thanks to those teenagers who lit up on their high school campus.

From there, the day was established based on April’s date: 4/20. Ever since, cannabis consumers across the country have associated this time and date with all things cannabis, eventually creating a whole holiday out of it. So, what exactly are you to expect from 4/20 this year?

What to Expect

The reaction to 4/20 will vary depending on where you live and, specifically, cannabis’s legal status. For states where marijuana is criminalized, there isn’t going to be much celebrating going on, unfortunately. April 20th will likely go on as just an average day for those in criminalized states. Of course, you’re welcome to celebrate on your own; just always keep in mind the legal aspects of doing so.

In states that have legalized cannabis either medically or recreationally, you’re probably going to see celebration galore.

4/20 is one of the most popular days for dispensaries, and you’ll be sure to notice if you go shopping. Dispensaries will be offering some of the most significant sales you’ve ever seen from your local shop; some shops offer deals and discounts all week long leading up to 4/20. Even though the lines at your local dispensary are likely to be out the door, we highly suggest being patient for a day like 4/20. You won’t see deals like those for another 365 days.

Along with major deals and discounts, this is also the time where you’ll notice your favorite cannabis-related companies release new products. Every cannabis brand is prepared for a day like 4/20, and they often save up their most exciting deals and product releases for April. Definitely keep an eye out for what your go-to brands are offering during this special day! There’s a good chance you’ll come across some products you’ve never seen before.

Finally, in states like Washington, Oregon, and California, there may even be events happening in your area. Local dispensaries might set up food trucks and vendors in their lots, giving away free products and samples. However, do keep in mind that 4/20 will have to be COVID-friendly this year, so there will be many safety measures in place that you still need to follow.

How to Celebrate

Celebrating 4/20 is the best part about the whole holiday. And, you can do it however you want! Many people choose to commemorate 4/20 by taking a dispensary trip and splurging on some products you may not usually get. It’s the perfect day to try out all the top-shelf brands that maybe are too expensive regularly. A great way to celebrate is simply by treating yourself to some insanely great deals and super pretty cannabis.

Don’t feel like you have to stop at just one dispensary, either. If you’re in an area with multiple shops, check them all out! It’s worth it to see what kind of discounts one shop offers versus another; maybe they sell something you like better than your regular dispensary. Branch out and see what other shops in your city are delivering on this cannabis-themed holiday.

If you already have your cannabis, or you’ve finished shopping, the rest of the day is yours. Many people choose to use this time to set up an elaborate smoke sesh, either cozy at home or in the beauty of nature. As long as you have a bowl loaded, joint packed, or dab ready by the time that 4:20 hits, that’s all that matters. Make sure you light up during this time on 4/20 for the whole National Cannabis Day experience. When you do this, think about all the people who are enjoying their cannabis at the exact same time as you! (Well, whoever is in your timezone, that is.)

Regardless of what you do, celebrating 4/20 is all about appreciating cannabis and all it has brought to the world over its centuries of use. Enjoy your cannabis with love and respect, and the rest of the day is up to you.

Getting Prepared For the Holiday

Even though it’s not quite 4/20 yet, it isn’t too early to get prepared for one of the best holidays of the year up ahead. Soon, your favorite brands will start hinting at their canna-holiday deals, giving you an inside look into what to expect. Start stocking up now with your ideal smoking accessories to ensure that you have everything you need to enjoy the holiday to its fullest.

When 4/20 actually comes around, all that’s left to do is buy some top-shelf cannabis and share with those who have mutual adoration for one of the greatest plants in the world!

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