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5 Tips For Planning Your Cannabis Spring Grow

5 Tips For Planning Your Cannabis Spring Grow

Many cannabis cultivators choose to start their growing period right as springtime begins to flourish. Spring temperatures bring about the perfect weather for germinating happy, healthy cannabis seeds, so many farmers take advantage of this warm, sunny time. However, figuring out just how to plan this spring to grow requires a bit more time and dedication than you may realize.

To help you get prepped and ready for that ideal cannabis cultivation season, we’re covering five of the best tips we’ve been given to help plan your cannabis spring grow. From before purchasing to relying on calenders and your local weather channel, there’s a lot you can do to ensure your harvest is a successful one. In a countdown order, we name a few to help your grow spring forth!

5: Start Planning (and Buying) Early

When it comes to preparing for your cannabis cultivation, don’t procrastinate! If you wait too long to start setting up your grow location or even buying your seeds, there’s a good chance you won’t be on time for your spring cultivation.

Experienced growers suggest buying your seeds sometime in February or early March, just a few weeks before you’re planning on germinating them. You don’t want to hold onto your seeds for too long before planting; otherwise, they can be exposed to too many environmental factors and impact your plant growth’s efficacy. However, you also don’t want to buy your seeds right when you’re planning on germinating, as not all seeds may be up to your standards!

Make sure you purchase your seeds before springtime fully hits to see if they’re going to perform how you want them to. Buying seeds online will take some time to arrive, so ensure that you’re receiving your seeds before setting up your grow operation. Starting this planning and purchasing process early is one of the best ways to guarantee that your cultivation is right on schedule. With this, you’re not left waiting around for your seeds to show up as all the beautiful springtime weather rolls right past you.

4: Mark Your Calendar

If you haven’t regularly relied on a calendar for your plants, now’s the time to do so. Having a calendar present is an excellent way to visually understand when your plants should be moving from phase to phase. Of course, every plant and strain will act a bit differently depending on your growing techniques. However, you can still get a great general understanding from marking up a growing calendar.

Start by writing down when you want to purchase your seeds. This will help you not to miss any deadlines or have some late seeds show up. Give yourself at least two to three weeks for your seeds to show up, sometimes even a month, depending on the grower.

After this, you should then mark when you want to start germinating your seeds. As we mentioned, springtime is easily the best time of the year because the weather is perfectly temperate, sunny, but not too extreme. Many growers use Spring Equinox, or March 20th, as the day they choose to germinate— it’s the first day of Spring, after all! Using this date can make it effortless to remember when you planted your seeds and how much time they have until they become seedlings.

From here, you can also mark tentative dates for repotting your plants, their vegetative stage, their flowering stage, and when you should be able to harvest them. We don’t recommend putting one specific day for each phase; instead, dedicate a chunk of time for these changes or transitions. This way, you still have some wiggle room if things don’t go directly according to plan.

Having a calendar all laid out and ready for you is an excellent way to prepare for your cannabis harvest.

3: Pay Attention To Your Local Weather

Even if you live in a state with consistently predictable weather, it’s crucial to always keep an eye on your local climate before actually starting your cannabis spring grow. Unfortunately, Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate, not providing us with the weather we want for our plants. If you’ve noticed that your winters have gone longer, and your warm, sunny spring weather might start a bit later than usual, this is probably a sign also to begin your cultivation later, too.

The weather and environment are going to be huge contributing factors to your cannabis growth, even when you’re safe inside a fancy facility. Sometimes, the weather for one year may be much harsher (or much more mild) than it has been in the past. Pay attention to these weather patterns throughout the year to see if you’ll need to adjust your growing schedule when the time comes.

2: Prepare the Location

This may seem a bit obvious, but it’s crucial to have your grow facility prepped and ready to go before you start growing.

Your growing location requires numerous elements that have to be thought-out long in advance to function correctly. For example, you’ll want to make sure you know exactly what kind of soil you’re using and how you’re planting your seeds prior to having these seeds germinate. Different soils and concentrates can directly affect your plant’s response to growth, so make sure you plan accordingly.

You will want to have your lighting setup working correctly along these lines, too, as this is one of the primary sources of nourishment for your plants. Perfecting a lighting setup takes a lot of time and adjustment, and you will likely have to do a bit of research if you’re not yet a cannabis lighting master. However, if you make sure to do this before your plants grow, you will be in a much better spot at the start of your springtime cultivation.

Lighting, growing space, soil, and nutrients are all factors you should have prepared before you plant your healthy cannabis seeds. Once the location is ready for you, all you have to do is wait for the warmer weather to start to come around.

1: Start at Springtime!

At the end of the day, the biggest tip we can give you for growing your cannabis is to start in the springtime. There’s a reason why this season is the one that so many farmers choose to utilize for their cannabis plants!

Try your best not to get over-zealous and start your grow at the first sign of warm weather; instead, wait for the weather to be consistently spring-like and comfortable for your seeds. On the same note, waiting until it’s too warm, like in the summer, can make it increasingly more difficult for you to regulate your seed growth.

Springtime creates the perfect middle-ground for planting your seeds and watching them flourish.

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