The New Benchmark For Indoor LED Grow Lighting

Enjoy all the benefits of full spectrum & UV+Far-Red lighting without sacrificing efficiency. The iLogic™8 LED family delivers deep, penetrating light intensity along with industry-leading uniformity over a square 4’ x 4’ footprint. Optimized for the most demanding floriculture applications, the iLogic™8 is designed to scale up with ease as your operation grows, offering unbeatable reliability, longevity, and performance.

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ILUMINAR LED iLi3 2_6 240W 120-277V 3 Ra
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Professional Grade Lighting System Replacement Lamps


The CMH DE grow lights are engineered to be the closest alternative to natural sunlight. We’ve taken cutting edge technology to design a ballast that runs efficiently and a reflector delivers maximum uniformity -- making this CMH grow light more efficient than ever.

The CMH ballast can be run independently or with the Touch Controller or NEW HASH Controller. The ballasts are also compatible with Priva, Hortimax and Argus controllers (0-10V Protocol), allowing you full control to dial in your gardens to specific requirements. 

Delivering a low frequency, square wave technology, our 1000W CMH Ballast provides a constant maximum voltage to the lamp for an extended period of time giving your plants more photons of light. 


The HPS DE commercial horticultural light is an all-in-one unit, double-ended High Pressure Sodium (HPS), engineered with a low shadow footprint for commercial reliability.

This is the "tried and true" industry standard for performance. These fixtures have now been a staple for over 10 years. The ILUMINAR DE is part of the Commercial Series with the best agricultural technology on the market designed by experts in the indoor lighting industry.


The patented spectrum provides your plants with targeted wavelengths required for maximum yields. Each spectral peak
is fully adjustable to tailor lighting conditions to plant development. The result is higher plant quality
and more consistency over your end product.


The single-mast iLX series is the ultimate multi-use LED horticultural light. A new, improved design that allows for remote mounting of the mast for a flush rack mounting - perfect for extremely low clearance areas which is sometimes needed for vegetative or cloning cycles. The iLX Series delivers a high, 2.6 μmol/j efficacy with an easy snap-on, snap-off installation.


With our latest technology, we've effectively INCREASED the efficacy while DECREASING the wattage in order to give your plants what they need most - all in a sleek, easy-to-install fixture. This versatile, foldable LED fixture delivers a high 2.4-2.6 μmol/j efficacy, but without the center mast, which makes it ideal for mounting in a rack or a low clearance area where every inch counts.

IL1 / IL1C

The iL1 and iL1c LEDs are ideal for a greenhouse environment, when LED supplemental light is needed but not the complete coverage that an HPS fixture would offer. The slim design is made to fit right under a support beam in order to add lighting without creating a shadow footprint in your greenhouse. The "c" stands for clones. If you need lower watts in order to support cloning, opt for the iL1c.


Our small, single bar design comes straight from our iL and X Series fixtures above. These single units come in varied lengths and efficacies, ideal for cloning operations as well as multi-tiered gardens where conventional LED arrays do not suit the needs of a confined space. The iL Bar can be equipped with multiple spectrums to best serve your facility.


The iLW is wider than the iL Bar which allows a 24" wide coverage to create the ideal environment for growing seedlings as well as plants in the early stages of vegetation. The sleek profile of the iLW LED is perfect for mounting in low clearance vertical agricultural farms and defoliated area micro green environments. With a low heat coefficient to the mass of the fixture, the iLW is one of the most versatile LEDs in the LED family.