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The Best CBD Oils To Try this Summer

In the past cannabis was prohibited, but now due to widespread legalization we have discovered that the plant’s constituents have some serious healing power. Flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant have great therapeutic potential together and on their own. And, when conventional treatment and medicines seem to only suppress and mellow psychical and mental distress, it’s no question why others have looked to plants like cannabis to get their life back.

To help you start out on the right foot, here are some of the best CBD oil products to try this Summer

A strong, yet cost-effective product, this homegrown Oregon product is one that anybody can get behind.

Each bottle has a full spectrum hemp extract formula that may help you relieve pain, relax your muscles after a long day, reduce inflammation, and help with your mood or anxiety. Offered in a variety of flavors including mint chocolate, French vanilla mocha, blood orange, tropical breeze, winter mint, as well as an unflavored version, this tincture can suit anyone's needs.

Made with hemp seed oil, fractionated coconut oil, hemp extract, and natural flavors (for flavored products), you also can try this product without any fear of unnatural or potentially dangerous ingredients messing things up for you. Every product is tested by a third-party At $32 for a 15 ml bottle, this product is one of the cheaper ones on the market. Each bottle has a CBD content of 750 mg per 15 ml bottle, which means that you for sure get a boost with every drop.

One special distinction with this company is its assistance program for veterans, people with a long-term medical disability, or people with low income.

With a flavor so sweet you’ll wish you could just drink it, this Colorado-based company has some of the best products around. With a USDA-certified formula, which is rare for a CBD company, you know that every drop of this product is of the highest quality and standard.

Made in a one-ounce bottle, you can get from 500 mg to 2500 mg in a variety of flavors. Each bottle contains a variety of ingredients, including amino acids, vitamins, trace minerals, omegas, and other phytonutrients that give each dose an extra boost.

Each product is tested by a third-party source and comes with a full transparency report for full quality assurance. Their website also contains a full rundown of how each product is made, from seed to finish. With the prices starting at $35 dollars, this product comes in cinnamon, peppermint, or natural flavor, and is perhaps one of the tastiest oils one can buy. If you spend over $75 dollars, you’ll get free shipping, while the products under $100 dollars also come with a 15-day full refund policy, however, we are pretty sure you won’t need it.

Being a smaller company doesn’t mean smaller service, with quick and reliable customer service and a guarantee of perfection with each and every product. If you really enjoy the experience of this oil, there are also topical and pet products available.

If you are new to the CBD world, this product is a pretty good place to start. This oil is a multipurpose product that can be used to boost your overall health or body pain.

Based primarily on a coconut oil formula rather than a concentrate, the oil is good for those who aren’t looking to immediately start at a 10. With an affordable cost of $25 dollars per 15-milliliter bottle, this oil bucks the trend that most oils follow by offering high quality without a high price. While there are stronger options, starting off small is a good way to learn exactly what you need when it comes to CBD.

According to its web page, every product is made “by moon cycles, in a spiritual environment, to honor our ancient mothers.”

Probably one of the most well-known CBD companies on the market and it is for a good reason. They’ve set the standard when it comes to powerful and quality CBD oils.

This oil comes from a full-spectrum hemp extract which may help to relieve daily stress, support exercise recovery, alleviate muscle and joint pain, as well as improve focus. It may also help to calm your nerves and support a healthy night’s sleep for those who need it. With each bottle priced at $39.99 for a 30 ml bottle, this oil won’t break the bank and will still give you a good kick with each drop. This company has a discounted subscription service as well as discounts for veterans.

The CBD content is 300 mg per 30 ml bottle, which is a good medium range for those who are looking for something above a beginner level oil. This oil comes in olive oil or mint chocolate flavoring, offering something on opposite ends of the tasting spectrum. Each product has a transparent test analysis that can be found online, ensuring that you know exactly what you are getting and that you are only getting the best and purest products.


Well, there you have it! We’ve listed some of the best of the best in the world of CBD — but of course, we expect even more soon. For so long, cannabis has been demonized. and stigmatized. But, given the current global widespread legalization of the cannabis plant, we are looking towards what’s to come in the future. While we can’t necessarily understand the controversy that continues around CBD, given the fact that it’s non-psychoactive in nature, many are excited to see what new scientific breakthroughs and product innovations are on the horizon. If you are new to cannabis and looking to try it out, CBD might be a useful supplement and healthy alternative to conventional treatments and medicines. To ensure a safe, healthy, and enjoyable CBD experience, we suggest that you speak with your primary healthcare provider for more information.

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