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The Most Interesting Facts About Cannabis

Cannabis has been around for centuries, yet there is still so much to discover and learn. We know that there is a ton of information on the nets today — some true, some not so true, some interesting, some not so interesting.

Well, we don’t plan on sharing the latter! Unique in its own right, cannabis is not only a versatile plant that offers the world a number of benefits, but it’s also a very interesting one. So interesting, that we’ve compiled some lesser-known factoids about cannabis that “wow” anyone. Below, read on and learn about 11 surprising things about this beautiful plant that will never make you look at it the same!

Only Female Cannabis Plants Cause Psychoactivity

Heard that right. Only female cannabis plants, specifically marijuana has the ability to produce a high in the body thanks to their high-potency THC buds. Male marijuana plants, on the other hand, produce lower concentrations of THC — they also don’t produce any buds at all. Female plants are a marijuana grower’s dream, as their buds may be harvested for their proton effects. Before beginning to flower, growers will remove male plants, as their pollination can cause premature flowering, which ruins all of the female plants as a result. So move aside guy buds — the ladies have got this!

Chocolate Effects are Identical to Marijuana effects

If you have a sweet tooth and are a cannabis lover, you’re going to love this one! A few researchers in California discovered that chocolate contains three chemicals that affect the same parts of the brain as marijuana. In the brains of mouse models, it was found that these “chocolate chemicals” increase dopamine concentrations in regions of the brain relevant to addiction.

Certain substances usually resulted in an increase in dopamine release and they found this included eating chocolate and smoking marijuana — and those effects were greater than those caused by cocaine! The researchers found that the effects actually lasted longer.

There are 100’s of Cannabinoids in the Cannabis Plant

This is honestly what we know so far, there could potentially be more identified in nature as time progresses. Cannabinoids are chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant known to possess therapeutic properties. They are mainly used for medicinal purposes with effects that range from non-psychoactive to psychoactive — depending on the cannabinoid. Some of the most well-known cannabinoids include THC, CBD however, delta eight THC delta 10 and many others are coming to the spotlight.

Bob Marley’s Grave Contains Cannabis

We all knew Bob Marley for two things, his amazing music and his love for cannabis. So it should come as no surprise the famous Jamaica-born artist was buried with a bud of marijuana, along with a Bible and guitar. Marley died of cancer in the spring of ‘81, yet he continued to tour and record music and it’s more than likely cannabis was helping him to push through his illness. Nonetheless, the musician has not only made his mark in music, but also in the cannabis industry with many products being named after him.

Morocco is Producing the Most Cannabis in the World

Morocco is the largest producer of cannabis hashish on earth. Contributing 19% of the global total, the production of hashish in Morocco has been an economic staple for decades. After a long-standing cannabis ban during independence, eventually hashish became more publicly accepted as it contributed to the country’s GDP.

Shakespeare Consumed Cannabis

William Shakespeare came on the scene in the earlier 1500’s, popularly known as being one of the greatest English playwrights and poets to ever grace the planet. But could cannabis explain his inspiration and creativity?

In Shakespeare’s home cannabis residues were discovered and has since then, led historians ro believe the plant played a significant role in the writing of poems and screenplays.

Washington First State In America to Legalize Recreational Cannabis-use

It was a happy day for Washingtonians on December 6th, 2012 when the manufacturing, sale and consumption of recreational cannabis was made legal. As a cannabis giant in today's industry, many wouldn’t believe Colorado followed suit behind Washington, found the exact same thing just days laterz

There are over 1,200 slang words for Cannabis

Cannabis is a plant family that includes two different plant species including hemp and marijuana. However, they are indeed not the same thing and all have fundamental differences. Nonetheless, cannabis has received a number of different names. Some include green, ganja, weed, pot, that good-good, broccoli, green lady, dank, doobi, loud and many others!

Cannabis is 2,500 years old

On the easter Tibetan Plateau, cannabis was first recorded as being cultivated and utilized by Chinese farmers dating back 2,500 years ago. They

would cultivate the plant for a number of uses including clothing, rope, paper, oil, fiber and many others. Interestingly enough the first consumption of cannabis was delivered by way of a beverage. The Chinese would take cannabis flowers, boil it in hot water and consume it in tea. The Greeks also knew about the effects of cannabis. It was reported that in 440 B.C.E. would Scythians make tents and heat rocks to consume hemp which caused them to “shout for joy.”

George Washington Grew Cannabis

George Washington was known for doing a lot of amazing things and cannabis lovers would love to find that he was a prolific hemp farmer. This was discovered in his many diary entries and writings which often described his deep interest in finding, sowing, and harvesting the best of the best hemp seeds. While there’s no evidence of Washington consuming his harvest, we do know he had a very keen interest to plant and utilize cannabis, one being heavy-duty ropes for his ships.


Well, there you have it! We just provided you with some seriously awesome and interesting facts about cannabis. We hope it was not only fun to read, but that you also learned something. Cannabis is good, not only for people but for the plant and like any good thing, it should be shared.

Feel free to share what you learned with family, friends and loved ones to grow their appreciation for cannabis and maybe also increase their awareness on both its uniqueness and goodness.

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