Most Bizarre Hemp/CBD Products in 2021

Right now, the CBD and hemp industry have exploded more than anybody could have imagined. Unsurprisingly, this rapid growth has brought the development of some of the most incredible, most inspiring products the industry’s seen thus far. But, it’s also brought about some products that have us raising an eyebrow. That’s right: today, we’re taking a look at a few of the strangest, most bizarre hemp and CBD products on the market in 2021.

Now, a real quick disclaimer: just because we call these products “bizarre,” that doesn’t mean they don’t work, nor should you not try them. Typically, it’s the exact opposite! However, these products stray so far beyond the norm of CBD products that it’s impossible not to address their quirkiness.

CBD Toothpicks

The first product on the list has got to be CBD toothpicks. You can find CBD toothpicks in more and more health and wellness shops nowadays, as people are finally catching on to their benefits. Just as they sound, these are toothpicks that a manufacturer soaks in CBD (and maybe other ingredients like artificial flavors) to give you an infused product.

This way, when you use your toothpick to get things out of your teeth, or you just spend a little bit of time sucking on them, you’re getting mild effects of CBD. Many people place a toothpick in their mouth for some sort of oral stimulation, so why not reap the benefits of the cannabinoid while doing so? Though the idea of a CBD toothpick may seem a bit strange at first, the actual practicality of these products is relatively high!

The next time you find yourself with an uncomfortable piece of something in your teeth, now, you’ll wish you had an infused CBD toothpick to pick it out! If you come across these strange products, we’d recommend picking up a few just to see how you like them. Typically, their doses are very mild, so they’re suitable for super gentle support.

CBD/Hemp Shampoo & Conditioner

Watch out, Dove! CBD hair products are making their way through the beauty industry. Now, you’re able to purchase both CBD-infused shampoos and hair conditioners.

Some of you may be thinking, “What’s the point of adding CBD to your hair products?” As it happens, CBD or hemp beauty products seem to illustrate significant benefits. When you use CBD hair products like shampoos and conditioners, the natural anti-inflammatory properties in the cannabinoids penetrate your scalp, reducing inflammation in the skin. Doing this can help the scalp soften up and hydrate, assisting in promoting healthy hair growth.

Many people don’t realize the substantial nutritional value that the hemp plant brings. So, when you add some hemp extract to your shampoo or conditioner, you’re nourishing your scalp with various healthy fatty acids and other supportive nutrients. This, in and of itself, can leave you seeing shiner, more voluminous hair. And, don’t worry: you’re not going to smell like marijuana.

CBD Lube

You’re putting CBD where?!

There’s no need to panic: CBD lube is 100% safe and makes quite a name within the cannabis industry. As you can imagine, CBD lube is a lubricant made for intimacy — only it contains varying amounts of CBD. But, why?

Scientists are slowly discovering the impact that CBD may have on sex. For women who experience painful intercourse, CBD lube can help to reduce that inflammation, loosen up muscles, and make everything down there feel a whole lot more comfortable. On top of that, CBD is known for boosting stimulation, making all the moves (and all the flirting) so much more enjoyable.

Some CBD lubes are made differently than others, so always double-check with a brand to see if you can comfortably use their product in the areas you want to.

Hemp Eyeshadow Pallets

Makeup is a profitable business, raking in billions of dollars per year. Pair that with the hemp industry, and you have the recipe for some pretty successful products. Recently, a few brands have released their own eyeshadow pallets in which the eyeshadows themselves have active hemp ingredients. Definitely not your everyday CBD product.

You’re not going to see huge benefits or changes from utilizing some hemp within your eyeshadow, but there is still potential for a bit of support. When applied to the eyelid, the hemp oil is able to moisturize the skin better, protecting against flakiness and redness. However, other than that, we can’t say there’s a whole lot of reason to infuse some hemp into your eyeshadow. But, hey, to each their own!