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Essential Tools Needed In Every Cannabis Consumer's Arsenal

Whether you are new to cannabis or consuming regularly, there are tools that every cannabis user should have in their arsenal to make life easier or even better. Sometimes making life better for your neighbor matters just as much. The smells and mess can lead to unwanted altercations between roomies and neighbors.

These tools are easy to find and most are an inexpensive way to create a peaceful cannabis consuming experience.

Complex Herb

It is no secret that cannabis has been used medicinally and recreationally for a while now. Cannabis is like an onion; it is a complex herb with many psychoactive and therapeutic properties. Many studies have delved into this herb’s properties and complexities to establish its benefits and the consensus is in, the general public wants more, but still would like to keep it clean and the smell under wraps.

There are many ways to consume, carry, and care for your cannabis. Read on to learn about essential tools that every cannabis consumer should have in their arsenal, from the novice to the expert.

Pouch or Container

Spilling your stash is a huge faux pau and is easily avoided by purchasing this essential item. A small pouch or container is necessary for several reasons, one the smell – if the pouch is airtight and smell-proof, you will ensure that your cannabis flower remains fresh.

Also, storing your cannabis in a pouch will help you avoid spills and a messy clean-up (seriously, don’t spill your stash). Remember, the cannabis plant can be sticky and wet, and the clean-up can feel like trying to clean off sap, almost impossible with just water. So keep your stash in a pouch or container for optimal results.


It doesn’t matter if you are a novice or have been consuming cannabis regularly for years; a grinder is a necessary tool for any cannabis consumer. Using the grinder, you break down the cannabis into small pieces that are similar in consistency.

When it’s ground down finely, it makes packing bowls, rolling joints, and blunts an increased level of potency and a more consistent burn. If you have ever thought your tolerance might be too high, because it’s taking you longer and more cannabis to feel the effects, maybe you just needed a grinder in your life.

You won’t need as much cannabis to reach the same effect, and you can’t cut down on your monthly spending by investing in this inexpensive tool, and your fingers won’t be as sticky!

Rolling Tray

If you are looking to use fresh ground flower to roll joints and fill pipes, that can end up being a little messy. Sometimes things get a little messy with dried flower and the stickiness of the flower. A rolling tray can make this part of the process easier while helping you to keep all that cannabis flower goodness together and from spilling everywhere. Your space will remain clean, but you are preventing waste.

So, upgrade from using whatever is handy, like a magazine or paper, to a rolling tray. Rolling trays can be found online and at your local vape shop. Many vape shops have creative and trippy designs and some include graphics of your favorite cartoons and super heroes.

Portable ashtray

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, a portable ashtray, is a way to respect those around you when consuming cannabis that creates ash. These ashtrays can be used indoors, in your car, or in any allowed space and will help you keep the space clean for yourself and others. These ashtrays can be found online or at your local smoke shop, and they will have a plethora of options for you to choose from. Portable ashtrays are compact, easy to clean, and are a top accessory for on-the-go consumption.


If you are a daily cannabis smoker, you might prefer how you smoke your cannabis.

There are many types of vape pens on the market; some work with dried cannabis flower and some vapes work with cannabis vape cartridges (those carts contain a mixture of cannabinoids, terpenes, various solvents used as thinning agents, and flavoring additives). Whichever method you prefer, dry or wet vape, you will want to look for temperature controls in your vape pens—having a vape pen will allow you to choose the right temp and avoid burning through your carts too fast can be an eco-friendly way to maintain your stash.

Another thing to look for when choosing a vape pen is battery life. Will your battery last you without the need for a charge every few hours? If a vape pen can’t last at least the day, it’s a dud!

Air Filter

Cannabis and the smell associated with smoking the plant carry certain stigmas. Some people are not bothered by it, while others are still shy to broadcast their medicinal and recreational behaviors. Air filters can help the cannabis consumer mask the smell associated with burning cannabis.

You will have to do your research on this product. There are many different varieties like mini air filters and small to medium sized depending on the size of your place.

Once you find the right fit for your place, this tool will be easy enough to use; flick on your air filter while consuming, leave it running when finished, and leave the room smelling fresh. This way, your neighbors won’t complain about your cannabis smoke!

Narrowing Down Your Choice

These cannabis tools will significantly enhance your cannabis consumption experience, but you don’t need to buy them all today. Take your time, do your research; and, sometimes that means testing the merchandise!

Remember, these tools could greatly improve the experience for those living close to you, like roommates and neighbors. Whether you choose to vape to reduce the smell and need an efficient pen, or you want to roll your ground-up flower on your new handy dandy Spongebob tray, these tools will make the experience better for you.

Even the experience of shopping and reading reviews on many of these products will surely be a delightful experience.

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