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All About Artificial UV for Plants

Finding the perfect lighting system for your precious plants requires a lot of time and dedication. After all, you can’t just use any sort of lights to help cultivate your green goodies!

Today, we’re focusing specifically on using artificial UV lights for plants and whether or not this is a good choice for your grow operation. From what they do to their specific benefits, we’re covering the ins and outs of artificial UVs to help you better understand if this is the right decision for your plants. Let’s get started.

What’s the Point of Artificial UV?

First thing’s first: what is the point of using artificial UV lighting? Why not rely on natural UV rays?

UV lighting, or ultraviolet, is a form of electromagnetic radiation that isn’t visible to the human eye. However, just because we can’t see UV doesn’t mean other creatures can’t! In fact, plants absolutely thrive under the sun’s UV rays, and it’s quite necessary for the plant to be adequately nourished.

If your plant were grown outdoors, it would be exposed to an adequate amount of UV light throughout the day, simply from the sun itself. So, when you’re planning on growing your plants indoors, you have to make sure they’re still able to get proper amounts of UV. That’s precisely where artificial UV lights come into play.

Artificial UV lights are just as they sound: lights that manufacture and produce ultraviolet lighting. You may be used to finding these lights at your local tanning salon, but many farmers find benefit in incorporating them within their grow lighting system, as well. By doing this, you’re able to better mimic the natural light production of the sun — and, trust us, your plants will love this.

Thus, the point of artificial UV lights is to give your plants the UV lighting that they’re likely missing from the sun. These synthetic lighting options are crucial for the health and nourishment of your cultivations — but you have to make sure you utilize them correctly. If you use these UV lights properly, you’ll likely see a lot of benefit.

The Benefits of Using Artificial UV for Plants

Speaking of, what are the benefits of using artificial UV for plants? Other than the necessary nutrients, there are some incredible perks of utilizing artificial UV lights over natural UV lighting. Here are three of the most significant advantages.

You’re in Control!

With artificial UV lights, you’re the one that’s in control. When you leave the plants to the mercy of the sun, you never truly know what kind of result you’re going to get. Weather can be unpredictable, even if you live in a somewhat temperate area. It is for this reason alone that many cultivators choose to grow indoors instead.

So, with the use of artificial UV lights, you’re able to fully control how much UV exposure your plants get. Like anything, too much UV can be harmful to the plants, so you have to regulate their amounts. However, it is easy to do with artificial UV lights! You can set them up in locations that benefit your plants most, at the most healthy distances. Keep in mind that this might take a bit of trial and error, as all plants require a different amount/light distance — especially depending on what your grow operation looks like.

Plants Thrive Under UV

As we mentioned, plants absolutely thrive under UV lights, and artificial UV lights allow for this exposure even when you’re inside. When exposed in the proper doses, UV lights can help produce certain oils — or resin — that enhance the appearance, smell, and taste (if applicable) of your plant.

Other studies show that UV light can help boost root and branch growth but without much worry of over-stretching. This helps result in a bigger, healthier plant that’s full of proper nourishment.

Finally, some farmers find an increased resistance to stress in their plants when exposed to proper UV lighting. In general, this kind of light helps to strengthen the plant internally, making them less susceptible to potential diseases and harm. The light itself can actually work to destroy harmful bacteria, keeping your plants extra safe and extra healthy.

They’re Quite Affordable

Compared to other types of lights, artificial UV lighting is a pretty affordable option for your grow operation. Of course, it will still cost you a pretty penny in total, but these types of lights are pretty reasonably priced and easy to utilize.

The cost itself will depend on the size and shape of your grow system, as this will influence how many lights (and how strong of lights) you require. Every person’s indoor growing setup will differ in terms of price, but some UV lights aren’t going to break the bank — but they sure will help enhance the end result.

Are There Downsides to Using Artificial UV for Plants?

Thankfully, there really aren’t many downsides to using artificial UV lights for plants. Of course, when you compare it to the $0.00 price of growing your plants under the sun of Mother Nature, using artificial lights is technically more pricey. However, as we mentioned above, the result is worth it and will likely make you your money back anyway.

As always, you do have to be careful with your artificial lighting system. Using too strong UV lights or putting them too close to your plants may damage your yield, affecting the plant’s potential potency, flavor, smell, or appearance. But, more than anything, this up to you to prevent — it’s not necessarily a downside about your UV lights.

In general, UV lights tend to be relatively safe, both for humans and for plants. As long as you’re not constantly subjecting yourself (or your plants, for that matter) to harsh, direct UV lighting all day long, you’ll be just fine. And, you’ll likely see some remarkable results from the plants you're growing.

Mastering Your Artificial Lighting System

At the end of the day, it’s all about finding out what’s suitable for your plants, your indoor grow facility, and your schedule. Every farmer is different, especially in terms of personal preferences. However, the advantages of using artificial UV lighting are clear, and Luna Cultivation is here to back that up.

At Luna Cultivation, we’re specialists in the field of plant cultivation lighting. From lighting setups to types of lighting and everything in between, we want to help you perfect your indoor grow setup. So, whether you’re interested in artificial UV lighting or something totally different, Luna Cultivation will be your lighting experts.

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