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The Industry Leading Provider of Mobile Vertical Grow Racks


Mobile Carriages

The Pipp Horticulture Mobile Carriage is built to order and can accommodate any vertical racking system. It features our Mechanical Assist Drive System allowing for easy movement, maximizing the efficiency of your grow space by creating a “movable aisle” and “high density” grow space.


Vertical Grow Racks

Pipp Horticulture’s Cannabis Vertical Grow Racks are your best choice for indoor legal cannabis vertical grow systems. Uprights are pre-welded for fast assembly and strength. Beams incorporate a unique tapered finger design attachment that locks beams safely onto uprights. Use with Pipp Horticulture Mobile Carriages to create movable vertical grow space. Works with Combination Grow Trays, Drip-To-Drain Trays, and Corrugated Trays. Supports a wide variety of growing trays, cannabis drying racks and curing racks, accessories for LED lights and other utilities.


Maximize your grow space and increase your bottom line.


Grow Trays

BS Corrugated Grow Trays from Pipp Horticulture can be utilized for drip-to-drain or ebb & flow irrigation styles. Made from .187”/4.75mm thick plastic and durable ABS construction, these grow trays are thermoformed with a Korad cap to provide UV-stability, as well as anti- microbial and fungal-resistant properties. These trays sit level to provide plants with a flat growing surface, and they feature a network of sloped canals within the tray to ensure proper drainage away from plants to the drain location.
Available in: 8’x4’, 8’x3’, 4’x4’, and 4’x3’.


Mobile Carts and Storage Lockers

Pipp's high quality manufactured products don’t stop at our vertical growing racks. Pipp cannabis drying racks and storage lockers are durable, space-saving and best of all, configurable. Mobile storage carts and drying racks for cannabis allow you to further maximize the space in your facility.


Elevate Platform System

ELEVATE™ Platform System is a robust, lightweight, and portable deck that allows cultivators to access the upper levels of PIPP’s Multi-Tier Mobile Grow Racks quickly, efficiently, and most importantly – safely. This patent-pending system was designed to integrate with PIPP’s Bulk Rack Shelving Systems without any modifications. The ELEVATE™ Platform System can be installed on new or existing mobile vertical grow racks.


Vertical Air Systems

For brands who value product consistency, gaining control of your vertical grow environment is crucial. Pipp's patented Air Circulation System allows you to be in control of environmental factors such as temperature, humidity, and CO2 levels which will allow you to have a better product and brand. 


Dispensary Storage

Having efficient storage for your cannabis dispensary isn’t just helpful for keeping your sales processes streamlined, it also saves your bottom line from damaged, lost, or stolen products. Pipp’s mobile cannabis dispensary storage units safely and effectively store your inventory on our patented tracking system without sacrificing crucial floor space. 



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