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In the lighting business for over 75 years, remaining consistent with unparalleled commitment to American-made product quality and excellence in servicing their customers. Backed by a no-nonsense 5-year warranty, you can rest assured your investment will be protected for years to come.


The PARMAX4™, 325W LED is designed specifically for tents, racks, and start-up grow rooms. PARMAX4™ brings true results; built for real Growers at our St. Louis facility by Growers, Scientists, Engineers, and Precision Manufacturing Specialists. Our Full Spectrum White LED’s are designed specifically for Horticultural Application. The Parmax4 is intended for 2’ x 4’ canopy coverage and can be used for all applications when coupled with Dazor’s built-in tunable power output.

ParMax 4 - Full - Underside - Straight .png
ParMax 8 - Full - Underside - Straight.png

PARMAX8 - 650W

Taking the PARMAX4™ to the next level, the PARMAX8™ delivers more power to the plant canopy with a larger footprint allowing you to grow more in less space. The 8-bar PARMAX8™ model is our staple grow light, replacing all common plant canopy footprints with a 45” x 44.5” measurement at the light and fits in a 4’ x 4’ tent or a back-to-back commercial layout.

The PARMAX8 covers up to a 54” x 54” canopy footprint. Made with premium components, “strong and sturdy” construction, this light is designed to last. The 650w light with horticultural LED’s deliver a premium PAR spectrum to plants with a highly engineered design – when heat dissipation is optimized; it keeps your grow running cool.


Dazor’s PARMAX™ fixtures are each independently controllable using the latest generation of Bluetooth mesh networking technology. Each fixture is equipped with an encrypted Bluetooth node that relays authenticated messages to others in Groups that you easily define through software provided. Individual nodes transmit signals up to 125 feet between fixtures without any loss of signal from other potential environmental interference. Fixtures in most commercial cannabis grows are positioned in close proximity to each other, making the mesh network signal strength strong and secure. Unlike a wireless hub system, there is no need for communication from individual fixtures back to a central controller, and from the central controller back to the fixtures, where signals may be impacted by environmental interference.

Groups of fixtures can easily be programmed for dimming to full off, start and finish times, sunrise and sunset changes in intensity, along with other flexible, user-defined functions.

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Control Device.jpg
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